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Sunday, December 3, 2006

Get Used To It

I remember watching a Phil Donahue show that featured the most frugal people who ever lived. They had something like 12 kids, lived in Vermont, made $30,000 per year combined (this was the early 90's) and had managed to save a sizeable nest egg even though none of their kids were yet out of the house. They bought in bulk before Costco existed. The kids weren't allowed to have Reeboks or Nikes. One poor kid was wearing old brown leather shoes with a gay-ish shoe buckle. They got it from a yard sale for 50 cents.

When I -- the lower middle class 13 year old smarty pants who was sure he would some day never have to worry about money -- saw those shoes, I thought it was child abuse. I thought these people were a joke. How disgusting to live below your means.

Now there are discussion boards about it. The party is over. The piper wants to be paid, and he doesn't care how hung over you are.


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