This blog used to be about debt. Now it's about a few more things. But really, it all comes back to debt. Trust me.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Debt For Life

Interesting advice column question over at Salon.

"Dear Cary, I've recently been giving some thought to donating eggs. I don't exactly need the money because I have a job that pays me a very decent, if not at all extravagant, amount of money, and I can cover my expenses comfortably, but it would be nice to pay off a big chunk of my $11,000 in student loans...."
Have you done anything you're not proud of because of your debt burden? Are there dreams you put off? People you compromised? Ideas you sold out?

Make your confessions in the comments. I've set them to unmoderated just for this purpose. Feel free to be anonymous!


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