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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

One Down, 5 to go

Day 1 of the first 100 hours is over, and the Dems managed to pass some of the 9/11 commission recommendations. Only four more days before our interest rates go down. But let's preview the 9/11 bill and see if it needed to be watered down to signify nothing.

What they wanted:

All of the 9/11 recommendations.

What they passed:

Half of them.

Oh well. They must have been going for the easy wins, which is what the first 100 hours theme is all about. When you start a job, you need to have quick successes to establish credibility.

On to the minimum wage!

Tuesday, January 9 - Implement the 9/11 Commission Recommendations

Wednesday, January 10 - Increase the Minimum Wage

Thursday, January 11 - Expand Stem Cell Research

Friday, January 12 - Allow Negotiation for Lower Prescription Drug Costs

Wednesday, January 17 - Cut Interest Rates on Student Loans

Thursday, January 18 - End Subsidies for Big Oil and Invest in Renewable Energy


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