This blog used to be about debt. Now it's about a few more things. But really, it all comes back to debt. Trust me.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Years Of Reckoning

Every once in a while I'll remind myself (I think I am my only reader) what this blog is about.

It all, in one form or another, comes back to debt.

Our debt to the planet. Our debt to our homes (funny how we thought we owned the things). The government's debt to its people and the world (ahem..China, Abu Dhabi).

All of these have become bloated and unmanageable. The years of reckoning have begun. And for you e*traders out there, we're at the precipice of a big huge margin call. The piper is demanding to be paid on every front.

I'll say it again. This was born in the 90s. Where all those near misses (first world trade center bombing, mild recession, dot com boom covering up lost manufacturing sectors, a housing bubble masking the burst of the dot com bubble...take your pick) lulled us into a sense of false security.

It's all gone.

The point is to be ready. To face it. We can be the next greatest generation. We just need to know what to keep and what to unlearn.


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