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Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's 9/11. Something should be said.

Not sure what, exactly.

I still remember it. I was 2 miles away. I felt terrible for the lives lost. I remember thinking we were in deep trouble given who just moved in to the White House. And I ended up being right, but not in the ways I thought.

I was lucky enough not to know anyone directly affected. A friend of a friend here, a coworker twice removed. That was it. So I remember it more as the day everything started to go to hell. Made more hellish because it didn't have to be that way.

No, this day isn't about politics. It's not a holiday either. I'm at work, hoping my wife gets home safe. Hoping they don't try again on what would be the most perfect anniversary, with OBambi and McSame in the same place at the same time.

But if it's about remembrance, let's remember how the day was used.

Let's look at all the years we hoped against hope that this day wouldn't be used again.

Let's look at the glimmer that cracked through earlier this year, two good men, not prone to using it.

And now let's look at one of those men, and who surrounds him. The same people. The same users.

Maybe he's not them. But he is under their spell.

It's a day to remember. Some day it will be a holiday. For a while it may be a holiday without retail sales.

But for now we have to remember it in stolen moments.

Focus the blur of those early days. Does anything seem clearer?

It's a day connected to every day since.

I'll just remember it.

All of it.


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