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Monday, December 4, 2006

Try finding the good guys

Ok, loyal readers, I have a challenge for you.

Step 1: Search for "Student Loans" on google or on google blog search.
Actually, I've already done it for you. Just click.

Step 2: Try to find at least 5 blogs or articles that cannot be traced back to a student loan lender or financial institution.

You can't.

Are they the only ones who have anything to say about Student Loans?

Do you get the feeling we, the borrowers, should talk a little more?


Sunday, December 3, 2006

Some More Facts

Over at they have some disturbing facts that backup the uneasiness we all feel.

I'll add some color to this. It doesn't matter where you grew up, or how you hold your fork, or what race you are. Congrats to the USA on that. Unfortunately, all of that equality has done nothing to prevent the good old American class struggle from making a grand comeback. Consider this from DebtHitsHard:

  • Student debt is outpacing the starting salaries of jobs in teaching and social work, making it virtually impossible for many debt-laden graduates to pursue careers in fields where they are desperately needed. Nearly one quarter of all graduates from public universities and almost 4 in 10 graduates from private universities have levels of student debt that would become unmanageable at the salaries of starting teachers.

  • More and more students are delaying major life decisions as a result of increased student debt. Thirty-eight percent of college graduates delay buying their first house because of debt, 14% delay marriage, 14% delay having kids. Compared to 1991, those figures have risen by margins of 52%, 75 % and 100%, respectively.

  • Let's all take a moment to mourn the idea that you can do whatever you want in life.

    Sorry. I know it's what everybody (like her) told you.

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    Saturday, December 2, 2006

    This is what I mean

    You can tell your story better than some hack national newspaper site. Watch this video. It's not the best thing in the world, but at least they are trying to make something creative out of their situation.

    What situation? The scam that is higher education. While you're in school you have 400 ways not to pay it back -- as long as the interest becomes part of the principal. Even after school -- stretch the loan amount so you pay back twice what you owe.

    Is this a joke? It's as serious as a mortgage. And you won't be able to get one of those either if your debt is high.

    I make a lot of money. Or at least I thought I did. the whole reason for getting EDUMACATED in the first place.

    How much home buying power do I have? Not much. Thanks to scam that is higher education, the promised entry into the "Upper Middle Class," I can only buy twice my income. I guess the kids will be sharing the kitchen. Sorry honey.

    I didn't know.

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    What the hell is this guy so happy about?

    If he were a real student loan borrower, he would never have a smile on his face. Especially while on the phone with a student loan lender. Anyway, stay tuned for more videos related to your student loan hell. I'll try to stay away from the advertisers, but some of these have to be shown. What a vapid happy infomercial voice. Like they're selling the Ron Popeil spray on hair. What is happening people? This is our education system! When the last best hope of a generation is a lower interest rate....on an overpriced "private" education, from...let's be honest here....not such a great school.

    Well, we got issues.

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